What we can do for you

No two customers are alike. Which is why we regard each new order as a completely new challenge in itself. Even if you only wish to use a limited number of our services, you still benefit from our full range of unlimited know-how, ranging from consultancy, planning and design, to construction, manufacturing and assembly. Our range of services stretches from international stand construction for trade shows to extensions for private homes. We are happy to present our main fields in more detail in the following sections:

Stand construction in furniture quality

Individual solutions and unconventional ideas are implemented reliably and punctually using highly modern plants and equipment. Quality can be seen in every single detail, to enable the customer’s corporate design to be adequately reflected. We build the stage for your show. And we are not afraid of large-scale projects. Should it occasionally happen that demands exceed our available capacity, we have no problem in availing ourselves of the services of external carpenters, in the role of suppliers. This is of course subject to the planning and quality control of our experienced personnel.

Professional shopfitting

Are you planning a complete reorientation in line with current marketing factors or the restructuring of your ongoing business with a minimum of disturbance to your everyday operations? Make it happen! And it does not have to be big to be worthwhile. Small can also be beautiful.

Making quality visible

You tell us what it is you are looking for and we realise your ideas exactly in accordance with your wishes, reliably and punctually. And that is not all: if you require, we can perform the entire chain of conceptual design, planning and supervision, in cooperation with our network of creative designers and marketing specialists.

Customer interior fittings

Whether you wish to see your own individual ideas of how you want your interior space to look put into practice or you are looking for a professional and creative consultancy partner, either for your private sphere or for practices, schools, offices, hotels or many other areas …
Whatever your ideas are, we make them happen!

Individuality and perfection

When it comes to individual interior fittings, our traditional strengths are brought to bear. The ability to combine the customer’s individual requirements with the local space conditions is a sign of the absolute master of the trade.

For many years, we have worked together with internationally well-known designers in the fields of shopfitting, stand construction and office fittings. Take advantage of this experience in your interior design. We can find solutions for every customer, that perfectly match your requirements. Optically, functionally, and of course with regard to price.

High quality furniture systems

We have been working for many years for renowned companies together with internationally well-known designers. Take advantage of all this experience. We can find just the solution for every customer, whatever his ideas are.

Quality down to the last detail – with a complete service range

ALTMANN established itself early on as a reliable supplier of high quality furniture systems. Right from the start, great concentration is placed on all planning and development activities. Well-tested processes guarantee top quality of serial production. Both serial and custom solutions come together in colour, form and finish to produce a desirable and marketable range.

Exhibition experience worlds

When it comes to designing exhibition stands, we particularly like to create new and unusual solutions. It is all down to creativity and a willingness to experiment. However, in order to implement such ideas, what is required is solid experience combined with an ability to perform in such a way that the plan can be implemented at a realistic cost.

Looking for challenges

The use of new materials requires a combination of expertise. Our lead is also due to the skills available within our network and in the good functioning cooperation with innovative companies operating in a variety of fields.